Liebermann, was at the Phoenix bar for a drink or two of the girls while you were on the beach. We were chatting, when I looked around the room and saw a man on shooshtime his own, when our eyes met, I smiled, I blushed and quickly looked away and continued the conversation. was a quiet night, so after a while I made my excuses and then back home. as he walked down the street, I saw, I heard footsteps behind me a little. I turned to the entrance of the village and opened the door, I heard the steps to stop and turned to see who was there. He was the man in the bar, he was watching me. This time I smiled and to my great surprise, and without thinking I put my hand. He came to me and led him inside. standing in the room, I hooked up the shirt and the shoulders and left him on shooshtime the floor. I reached the waist down and undid his pants and started on the floor, as I gently leaned pUlled my face towards him, my hands and approached him with my lips and hands, I took a stunning full hardness. I felt his power and strength, but I realized that the real power lies in the softness of my hands and the smoothness of my mouth. shooshtime raised his head and brought his lips to mine. He searched my face for the heat of what was there only moments before. His hands slid by experts from the clothes from my body as I continued to stroke it. However, it was what led him to the bed and sat back looking at him. He lowered his mouth to my neck and kissed me, was even beyond my breasts and my nipples in circles with his tongue. His tongue slid even lower, and I opened my legs for him. His mouth was hot for me, his pierced tongue on any shooshtime part of me. My hand went to his head and pressed her mouth hard for me. He sucked and feather me, until I began to tremble. raised his knees before me and before me, lowered his lips to mine, and I could tryThe lips. It allowed me, reached down and took me in my hand, he came in and began to push steadily and evenly. I felt the warmth spread through my body and I lifted my body to comply with it. The clashes were more urgent, and I felt his body begin to tighten as her orgasm built. My hands went to her buttocks and pulled him tightly to me, groaned and buried all of himself in me. My orgasm was close, and slowly slid out of me. His mouth was on my breasts again, but surely went straight over my body heat and moisture, which was previously in a few moments. his mouth was busy again. , Lips and tongue in every part of me tasting our juices mixed. My orgasm approached me, took me out of the mouth near me again. I came to a thrilling moment and said, " Yes, shooshtime yes, yes. ' was awake ! Wake up with my own voice! I looked around I was alone, was only a dream. My body felt on fire, my nipples and my fingers were in hand eat of my body wet. I thought of the night. What happens if I return the smile? Had I written this to tell ? Want it difficult to imagine the scene? I love you XXX
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